Esco Thermal Cycler - Swift Spectrum 48 Real Time

Swift™ Spectrum 48 Thermal Cycler is an advanced real-time thermal cycler, which uses diode activation, PMT detection and a proprietary Peltier block design. This simple 48 well, 4 color, real-time PCR system combines the PCR amplification, detection and analysis steps into one single procedure, is designed with a user-friendly interface for researchers of all experience levels. The Swift™ Spectrum 48 has improved temperature control and guaranteed uniform heating throughout the sandwich design sample block, improving the speed, accuracy and general quality of PCR reaction.

  • 48-well sandwich design sample block guarantees accurate and uniform temperature, delivers precise, high quality PCR results.
  • Peltier positioning guarantees rapid heat exchange and long life, shown to last on average 10 X longer than conventional blocks.
  • Top quality PMT as detection system- almost noise free, high signal to noise ratio, high sensitivity. The resulting gain makes it possible to detect single photons
  • Coaxial fiber optics in the instrument increases the signal-to-noise ratio and improves accuracy.
  • Blue diode fluorescence activation ensures reproducibility and low maintenance costs.
  • 4-Channel LED-PMT based optical system for FAM™,SYBR® Green, HEX, VIC®, JOE™, TAMRA™, TEXAS RED, ROX™, CY3
  • Multi-task software designed to analyze data from many applications, including quantitative, standard curve, melting curves, SNP`s and many more.
  • Gradient function creates a temperature gradient of 24°C across the sample block.
  • Fast ramp rates can be adjusted to allow the direct application of established protocols.
  • Open platform chemistry assures compatibility with commonly used protocols.
  • Define experimental conditions with easy-to-use PC-based software; uploads available online.
  • Software automatically adjusts ramp rates to differences in sample volumes.
  • Automatic hot lid provides constant temperature and even pressure; hot lid temperature is adjustable to 110°C.
  • All data is saved automatically in the event of a power failure occurring to the spectrum 48 during the reaction.
  • An automatic over temperature function sounds an audible warning at excessive temperatures and automatically shuts down the instrument.
  • A direct current power supply improves thermal efficiency, performance stability and reduces power consumption by 30%.
  • The system automatically holds samples at 4°C following completion of the cycle.
  • Compact footprint fits any laboratory setting.

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