Esco Microbiological Safety Cabinet - Labculture Plus Class II (D-Series)

The Esco Labculture Plus® microbiological safety cabinet (D-Series) provides operator, product and environmental protection against Biosafety Levels 1, 2 and 3.

This cabinet can be used for handling Biosafety Level 4, provided that the operator wears positive pressure suit.of inflow grille blocking by operator's arms. 

  • The industry’s premier Green Microbiological Safety Cabinet solution.
  • HPA (Health Protection Agency, Porton Down, UK) certified to EN 12469.
  • New EC Fan Technology provides superior airflow stability and reduces operating costs.
  • Dual fan design to enhance safety. If one fan fails, minimal protection is still maintained with only one fan running.
  • Ergonomically angled front improves reach and comfort.
  • Fully closable, motorized sash provides an airtight seal for better safety when cabinet is inoperative overnight.
  • Frameless, shatterproof sash is easier to clean, offers larger, unobstructed viewing area.
  • Transparent glass sides provide a comfortable work environment.
  • New energy-efficient electronically ballasted instant start T5 lighting.
  • Esco next-generation Sentinel™ microprocessor supervises all cabinet functions.
  • A large easy-to-read digital display and ergonomically sized touchpad controls improve user interface.
  • Unique Dynamic Chamber™ plenum with angled filter delivers superb airflow uniformity.
  • Negative pressure plenum surrounds contaminated positive pressure plenum; no fabric bags are used.
  • Multi-piece work surface removal simplifies cleaning.
  • Raised armrest maintains safety by preventing blockage.
  • Esco ISOCIDE antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination.
  • Dual, long-life ULPA (per IEST-RP-CC001.3) filters for supply and exhaust airflow.
  • Independent exhaust sensor mounted exterior to work area.
  • Single piece radius corner back wall construction.
  • Improved lighting is brighter, more uniform and reduces glare.
  • Optional UV lamp operates on programmable timer.
  • HPV-compliant and approved for safe decontamination using BIOQUELL and STERIS technologies.
  • The front sash is motorized for convenient one-hand operation. The sash control is mounted on the front control panel.
  • Integrated sash proximity contacts sense proper sash position, serve as an interlock for the UV lamp, and activate an alarm if the sash is improperly positioned.
  • When fully lowered the sash seals automatically against a closed-cell peripheral gasket to isolate the interior and prevent escape of contaminants during decontamination.

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